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Visioffice - Latest innovation for a true personalised lens experience

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Eyecare Plus Mermaid Beach are so proud to announce we have introduced the latest innovation, Visioffice, a true personalised lens measuring system.

Visioffice is an all-in-one system for a full range of measurements for every patient, from single vision to the most sophisticated multifocal designs. When using Visioffice, your lenses will give you the most precise vision possible, no matter where you look through the lens - instantly and effortlessly.

Visioffice measures:

  • Eye Rotation Center: Each of our eyes rotates around a fixed point called the Eye Rotation Center (ERC). Only Visioffice measures the real 3D position of each eye's unique ERC to create the most personalised lenses possible

  • Eye position: Monocular PDs, fitting heights

  • Wearing parameters: Vertex distance, wrap angle, pantoscopic angle

  • Visual behaviour: Natural head posture and head/eye movements are measured and recorded

  • Frame measurements

All these measurements allow our optometrists to prescribe the most personalised lenses so that your glasses are made just for you.

For more information about Visioffice or to have your eyes measured for personalised lenses please book an appointment.

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