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Orthokeratology: Services

Eyecare Plus Mermaid Beach is the only optometrist on the Gold Coast to offer Morpheus8 Aesthetic Treatment for improving your eye aesthetic. The Morpheus8 Aesthetic Treatment promotes collagen to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, puffy eyes, under eye bags and loose or hooded eyelids, leaving you with brighter looking eyes.


What is the Morpheus8 Aesthetic Treatment?

Morpheus8 Aesthetic Treatment is unique in targeting and strengthening the Fibro-Septal Network (FSN) skin-fat matrix, resulting in improved skin appearance and reduced irregularities on the eye area. ​Morpheus8 Aesthetic Treatment is a minimally invasive fractional RF microneedling technology for dermal resurfacing, tightening and subdermal remodelling. The patented design allows for the uniform distribution of Radio Frequency (RF) energy through bipolar arrays of pin electrodes and results in localised heating and coagulation of the tissue that is in direct contact with the pins.

Morpheus8 Aesthetic Treatment is indicated for fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, crows feet, puffy eyes, droopy or hooded eyelids and under eye bags. 

What are the benefits of the Morpheus8 Aesthetic Treatment?

  • Clinically proven triple action of ablation, fat coagulation and volumetric bulk heating to help reduce under eye bags and puffy eyes

  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet

  • Remodel hard-to-reach areas such as the peri-orbital area to help improve hooded and droopy eyelids

  • Quickly and effectively remodel collagen and brow lifting, possibly eliminating the need for surgical intervention

  • Rejuvenate the skin around the eye

  • Maximum results - Minimal downtime

How many Morpheus8 Aesthetic Treatments do I need?

For best results with the Morpheus8 Aesthetic Treatment, typically 4-5 treatments are required.

How long does the Morpheus8 Aesthetic Treatment last?

The effects of the Morpheus8 Aesthetic Treatment typically last for 1 to 3 years, which makes it an excellent cosmetic option. Treatment results depend on various factors such as your age, skin condition, environment and lifestyle.

How much does the Morpheus8 Aesthetic Treatment cost?
The Morpheus8 Aesthetic Treatment costs $800 per treatment.

For more information about our Morpheus8 Aesthetic Treatment or to have an aesthetic assessment please book an appointment online.

There are fees associated for aesthetic assessments. To learn more about our fees and charges please call our practice on 5526 1400.

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