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Orthokeratology: Services

Eyecare Plus Mermaid Beach Optometrists is the only optometrist on the Gold Coast to offer Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) Dry Eye Treatment on the Gold Coast. LLLT Dry Eye Treatment helps treat Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, the most common cause of Dry Eye.

What is LLLT Dry Eye Treatment?​
Light Modulation® LLLT is a unique, completely painless photobiomodulation technology employed in various fields of medicine (e.g., dermatology, dentistry). The LLLT Dry Eye Treatment works by emission of light at a specific wavelength which triggers an endogenous heating of the eyelids. This technology heats the meibomian glands to help the meibum (oils in the tears) release into the tear film to stabilse the lipid layer and provide relief for patients with dry eye symptoms.

What are the benefits of LLLT Dry Eye Treatment?
LLLT Dry Eye Treatment improves symptoms of the dry eyes and can provide relief for the patient. The Meibomian glands resume the production of lipids necessary for a better tear film after treatment. 

What does the LLLT Dry Eye Treatment involve?
LLLT Dry Eye Treatment is not painful, it lasts only a few minutes and allows for an immediate return to normal activities. The treatment is delivered by a wearing a mask, worn by the patient over closed eyes for 15 minutes. During treatment, the patient experiences a very bright and pleasant sensation of heat in the area of skin underneath the mask. Treatment is comfortable and relaxing for the patient. 

How many LLLT Dry Eye Treatments do I need?
Treatments are dependent on the severity of dry eye disease the patient may have. The initial treatment protocol is 4 treatments over 4 weeks, delivering relief for many patients. Your optometrist will re-assess your dry eye 4 weeks post treatment and advise a plan for additional treatments to maintain your results. 

When will I feel a difference after LLLT Dry Eye Treatment?
Patients typically notice a difference after the course of treatments, however, some patients notice improvements sooner. 

How long does the LLLT Dry Eye Treatment last?
Treatments have been shown to give relief for up to 3-12 months, the optometrist will organise a treatment plan for you, however patients will typically require a top up every 3-6 months depending on the severity of their dry eye disease.

How much does the LLLT Dry Eye Treatment cost?
The LLLT Dry Eye Treatment costs $300 per treatment, so the initial course of 4 treatments costs $1200.
For more information about our LLLT Dry Eye Treatment or to have your Dry Eyes assessed please book an appointment online.

There are fees associated for dry eye assessments. To learn more about our fees and charges please call our practice on 5526 1400.

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