Eyecare Plus Mermaid Beach Optometrists offer IPL Dry Eye Treatment on the Gold Coast.

What is IPL Dry Eye Treatment?
The IPL Dry Eye Treatment is non-invasive and has been specifically designed for treating dry eye disease caused by Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. It generates Intense Regulated Pulsed Light by producing perfectly calibrated and homogeneously sequenced light pulses. The sculpted pulses are delivered under the shape of a train of pulses. The energy, spectrum and time period are precisely set to stimulate the meibomian glands in order for them to return their normal function. 

How does it work?
The treatment restores the normal activity of the Meibomian glands, with very rapid improvement for the patient from the very first session. As a result of the treatment, the dry lipid layer receives a natural boost of lipids, which reduces the evaporation of tear fluid and prevents the eye from drying out. In addition, the quality of the glandular secretions is improved, and the tear film‘s lipid layer is stabilized.

What does the treatment involve?
The IPL dry eye treatment only takes a few minutes. The patient's eyes are covered with protective eyecups. Hydrogel is applied to the lower eyelid. A series of light pulses are performed around the lower eyelid. The series of light pulses are repeated in the same way for both eyes.

How many treatments do I need?
The protocol comprises of 4 initial treatment sessions. Your optometrist will re-assess your dry eye 8 weeks post treatment and advise a plan for additional top up treatments to maintain your results. 

When will I feel a difference after treatment?
The treatment effects are cumulative and patients usually feel the effects after the first two treatments.

How long does the treatment last?
The long-lasting effect is expected after the fourth treatment and can last up to 12 months, however patients will require a re-treatment plan which will vary depending on the severity of their dry eye disease.

For more information about our IPL Dry Eye Treatment or to have your dry eye symptoms assessed please call (07)55261400 to book an appointment.