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Orthokeratology: Services

Eyecare Plus Mermaid Beach Optometrists offer VISION-R 800, an innovative machine that allows us to provide a precise and accurate vision check on the Gold Coast. The VISION-R 800 is the only prescription measuring machine that allows us to obtain your prescription to 0.01D increments, where traditional prescription checks are in 0.25D increments. Discover the full potential of your vision and experience the new era of precision vision at Eyecare Plus Mermaid Beach.

What is VISION-R 800?

For many years prescription checks and their techniques have not changed much. They ​always consisted in presenting lenses of different powers in an organised manner in front of the patients eyes and recording patients answers. It usually resulted in a prescription that was just an estimate of what was required. 

With VISION-R 800 you enter a new era of precision prescription checks, the continuous power changes make for a more accurate prescription where we can help you discover the full potential of your vision!

What does VISION-R 800 measure?

VISION-R 800 measures:

  • Your prescription rounded to the 0.01D for a more precise prescription (compared to the traditional 0.25D rounding)

  • Your vertex distance between the machine and your eye for more accurate measurements

What is the benefit of the VISION-R 800?

Precise prescriptions have never been available to patients because refraction and lens surfacing technologies did not enable it up to now. Today Digital Infinite Refraction technology makes it possible to determine prescriptions to an accuracy of 0.01D. It is now possible to leverage the full potential of the digital surfacing technology used for lens manufacturing.

This is a very significant benefit for patients. When an exact refraction is performed, most patients can see the difference between a traditional 0.25D increment and a precise 0.01D increment.

What makes our lenses different when we use the VISION-R 800?

After our optometrist has taken their time to check your prescription precisely using the VISION-R 800.

Our optical dispensers will use your new precise prescription to create a premium personalised lens that will be manufactured to 0.01D accuracy, and not just the traditional 0.25D, providing you with the best vision you can achieve. 

If you'd like to experience the VISION-R 800 Precision Vision Check, book an appointment online.

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