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Orthokeratology: Services

Eyecare Plus Mermaid Beach Optometrists offer axial length measurement, a state of the art technology to measure myopia progression on the Gold Coast. 

What is Axial length?
Axial length is the length of the eye from the front to the back. We know in myopia the eye grows longer than compared to a normal eye. Therefore, measuring axial length has been well established as an important, critical measurement in studies looking at the progression and control of myopia. We know axial length is the most accurate way to measure myopia progression compared to the traditional method of measuring spectacle prescription.

Why is measuring axial length important in Myopia?
It is important to measure axial length so we are not only able to closely monitor the progression of myopia but also to ensure treatments are effectively controlling progression. 
In addition, measuring axial length has clear measures in assessing the risk profile for myopic degeneration; when the axial length reaches and lengthens beyond 26mm the risk of posterior pole complications and potential vision impairment is much higher.

How often should you have your axial length measured?
Our optometrists measure axial length at your initial diagnosis of myopia and then every 6 months from then to monitor progression and assess the effectiveness of your myopia control treatment.

For more information about measuring axial length or to have your child's myopia assessed please book an appointment.

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