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Eyecare Plus Mermaid Beach, the 1st optometrist on the Gold Coast with a Rexon-Eye machine

Updated: May 28, 2021

Do you have dry, gritty, irritated, sore, burning, itchy eyes?

You might be one of millions of Australians with what is known as ocular surface disease, including dry eye disease, meibomian gland dysfunction and blepharitis.

Optometrist Dr Jackson Yip takes a holistic and natural approach to managing these cases with the latest knowledge and technology in the field.

“The goal of our treatment is restoring a healthy tear film,” he says.

“The usual quick advice to use lubricating drops only gives very short-lived relief and does nothing to change what is causing the condition.

We do a thorough assessment to give tailored treatment and advice to help patients maintain a healthy ocular surface.”

Eyecare Plus Mermaid Beach is now proud to be the first and only (at the time of writing) optometrist on the Gold Coast to have a Rexon-Eye machine which represents the world’s most cutting edge technology to treat dry eye disease, both evaporative as well as aqueous deficient. Rexon eye is a non invasive treatment which works by applying weak alternate electric current patterns at frequencies capable of stimulating the tear and oil glands, causing the natural regeneration of cells. By stimulating the metabolism of these cells you naturally produce more tears and improve the quality of the tears, delivering long term relief, which means you can live free of dry eyes.

If you have dry eye symptoms and would like to learn more about the Rexon-Eye Dry Eye Treatment, please book an appointment with our optometrists, Jackson and Shaina at Eyecare Plus Mermaid Beach.

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