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Ronit Furst - When Art Meets The Eye

New range of Ronit Furst - Introducing PRISCILLA, our latest collection!

We’re beyond thrilled to finally launch this creation!

PRISCILLA is painted in a new technique that allows extra-vivid colors. Every angle reveals a different tone - a feat achieved through meticulous craft of hand-painting each and every frame. No one can remain indifferent to the artistry behind these frames.

Ronit tells us the story and inspiration behind this exciting collection:

“Every art piece has layers, depths, meanings and associations.

The viewer only sees the tip of the iceberg - the final result of countless versions and endless back-and-forths that the artist went through to achieve just the right ‘flavor’.

Visit us in store to try this fabulous new range. Be bright and unique and wear Ronit Furst a piece of art for your face.

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