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FACE A FACE - Fabulous Colours

Seductive, expressive and beautiful colours are signature marks of our collections.

FACE A FACE playfully combines delicate contrasting colours, with the artful and surprising details in materials and designs, to bring out a unique look with great personality.

Our designers work closely with Mazzuchelli, the finest manufacturer of handmade acetate in the world. Just like artists, they create fascinating patterns and structures in beautiful materials. The acetates are cut thin and recombined to create pieces of art in every detail, as precious as luxury cloth.


  • Hand made in France & Italy

  • Exclusive, Premium Acetates, Sourced from Mazzuchelli, Italy

  • Superior Craftsmanship from Paris

  • Each Frame Expresses the Personality of the Wearer

  • Two Years from Concept to Creation

  • Fabulous Contrasting Colours

  • Trés Chic, Unmistakably French

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