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DRYeye Forte’s science-based, patented formulation delivers a unique blend of re-esterified omega-3 EPA & DHA from Fish Oil, omega-6 GLA from Borage Oil, Vitamin D3 and antioxidants.

Targeting the root causes of dry eye and working from the inside out, DRYeye FORTE increases tear production, improves the quality of the tear film, and reduces inflammation.

  • Systemically relieves dry eyes
  • Ideal for dry eye syndrome associated with contact lens intolerance, air-conditioning, air travel, environmental factors, symptoms of menopause, LASIK and other eye surgery patients 
  • May replace the need for eye drops and lubricants
  • High quality ingredients sourced from around the world including re-esterified concentrated, mercury tested, sustainably sourced omega-3 fish oil, providing high strength EPA & DHA
  • Proprietary blend provides essential fatty acids not easily obtained from a typical diet, such as gamma-Linolenic acid GLA from Borage Oil

DRYeye Forte Supplements

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