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WATCH: New dry eye treatment now available on the Gold Coast

A new non-invasive treatment for dry eyes is now available on the Gold Coast, giving sufferers relief without constantly using eye drops.

Eyecare Plus at Mermaid Beach is the first optometrist on the Gold Coast to offer Rexon-Eye, which is clinically proven to effectively treat Dry Eye Disease.

Optometrist Jackson Yip said the treatment was a game-changer, and involves a patient wearing a special mask with electrodes for 20 minutes, once-a-week for four weeks.

“It works by stimulating the oil glands that are along the edge of the eyelid, while also stimulating the lacrimal gland that produces the moisture for the eye,” he told myGC.

See how the Rexon-Eye treatment works in the video below:

Optometrist Dr Yip said there is no downtime for patients, and the treatment is effective for up to 18 months.

“The benefits of this treatment is that is can provide long lasting relief for patients who have been suffering for many years who have used drops day-in, day-out and honestly can’t find a solution,” he said.

“There’s a few treatments that have come and gone, but this is really the one to stay and it is doing wonders for patients right now.”

For more information on the Rexon-Eye treatment call 55261400 or book an appointment.

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