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Face a Face Available in store

Designed in Paris and inspired by the creator Pascal Jaulent. Each FACE A FACE model is a unique piece of art.

Far from standardised fashion, each collection draws its inspiration from Modern Art, architecture and contemporary design. FACE A FACE plays with volume, shapes, materials and textures. FACE A FACE frames have a unique colour range which is a true trademark of the brand.

Handmade in Paris and Italy, and taking over two years to create, FACE A FACE eyewear is truly in a league of its own.

THE FACE A FACE DIFFERENCE: - Hand made in France & Italy - Two years from concept to creation - Exclusive premium acetates, sourced from Mazzuchelli, Italy - Superior craftsmanship from Paris Polished for 1 week for a beautiful lustre Tres chic, unmistakably French

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